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''Ne   Desit   Virtus” --- “Let Valor Not Fail"!

They have not ----- and shall not!

The 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) conducted a colors casing ceremony on January 14, 2015 in preparation for their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. 1st Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3 BCT, and 21st Engineer Battalion, 3rd BCT, 101st Airborne Division, were among the battalions that cased their colors during the ceremony at U.S. Army Fort Campbell. The brigade will deploy as combat advisors for the Resolute Support Mission and Train Advise Assist Command-East.


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Mildred T. Hodgson  R0704CFL 

I write this with Great joy and sorrow only because it is what my wife gave me and my children and to her friend and all others she encountered. I had my wife, friend and mother for 64 years  she was my total life, she gave me her family and gave me our family Two Boys. The sons gave me a Boy and a girl. They are both healthy and mentally brilliant. I guess these words must sound like made up back patting but if you've ever met Millie you would understand. We all LOVE AND CHERISH OUR FAMILY. I had no  family when we met I was alone and unloved. Millie gave of herself a life that I cherished for all those 64 passing years. Everyone can say words but the feeling of wifely and motherly love and friendship is unequaled. I said I never cry but if you ever met Millie you would know I am still crying and will until I also cross. One Mommy, One Daddy One wifely love I have been blessed beyond all blessings. ROBERT C. HODGSON, Big Apple Chapter President, and E Company Golden Rakkasan. GOD BLESS AND REST the weary souls and lonely spirits.

Lewental,Hugo-- R5106 --11-26-15
Lewental, Lucy--R0564-ladies reserves-2014
Niemiera, Priscilla--R0800-ladies reserves-12-1-15

I am sorry to have to report the following Big Apple Chapter Rakkasans who have crossed over. I am proud to say I personally knew such great humans in my life as my friends and RAKKASANS.
Mine and Mildred's Prayers are always.  Bob Hodgson.



To my seniors and fellow Rakkasans-

I’m honored to announce the selection of MG(R) Robert F. Dees and CSM (R) James Musgrove as our next Honorary Colonel and Sergeants Major of the Regiment. While there were many deserving candidates, CSM Patton and I believe that we have selected the best candidates for the positions. We would like to execute the change of responsibility ceremony at the same time as the BCT change of command on 17 JUN; however, that will depend on the availability of the selectees. Invitations will follow shortly.

COL (R) Blair Ross and CSM (R) Mark Nielsen have done a tremendous for our Regiment in the last two years. We will be forever indebted to their wise counsel and leadership. Again, I want to thank you for the tremendous support you have given to our Troopers. One thing that has remained constant- your Rakkasan Troopers continue to uphold the honor, legacy, and fighting spirit of our Great Regiment.




COL Viet Luong

CDR, 3d BCT, 101st ABN DIV (AASLT)

Fallen Trooper John Buscemi-R2819---4-26-50--12-6-51

It is with deep sorrow that I must pass on these messages. I have known John Buscemi for the longest period of time and John was always there to support myself and The Troopers of the Big Apple and all others of our Troopers. John not only served in Korea he also was a WWll vet. and served as an active Green Beret reservist. John was at every meeting and Parade the Big Apple had. I consider that my wife and family were close friends. If you ever met John, you would always be a part of his life. John and his wife Dot were also survived by his Sons, (by age) Steven-H0100 the famous Actor, Michael and Kenneth. He was so proud of his sons he would sometime tear with pride when he spoke of them. Time has been good to us old foggies and our curtain calls have been applauded wherever we went. The Golden Rakkasans and now the platinum Bless all our troopers where ever they have been or will be. Bob Hodgson.


Samuel Wilson Of Call  TX. passed away Saturday 25 January 2014. He was
a Squad leader in the First platoon of "E" Company.

He was wounded at Munsan-nI, 23 March, 1951 with severe shrapnel wounds.
God Bless you Sam.

Blessings to all.    ~ Bob Hodgson  

A Rakkasan passed on Nov. 30, 2012. Due to family problems it was not reported to me until now.

Lt. Col. Ret. Arnold DeAngelo - #6314R - Reg. Hq. - Big Apple Member
Blessings to all.    ~ Bob Hodgson  


I have been handed the disturbing detail of reporting these Rakkasan Warriors as Passed away. I got this from my friend and fellow Big Apple Rakkasan Richard Scott.


1--John E Worthington---08836L---135 Scudder Ave. Copeague,  LI, NY.-- Hq&Hq 2nd Bn.187th ARCT--50-53

Passed 11-5-13--while in the Hospital. John suffered silently for many years with a debilitating disease.


2--Richard L. Gage --0083L---82 Grant St. , Maniatee, Misch.-- A co.187th ARCT-48-51

Passed Sept 2013


3--Andrew Zamora--2437L--13121 Oak Hills Drive-233D----Seal Beach, Cal,  90740 Hq& Hq 2nd Bn. 187th ARCT49-51

passed April 2013


Bob Hodgson Pres. Big Apple Chapter.



9/11/13 - We regret to report the passing of Walter F. Krumholtz


Walter F Krumholtz --2946CFL--Wife Margaret
11 Trout St
Oakdale St,LI NY--11769-1528

HQ1BN 3/51--3/53 

Ret Det NYPD 

Waiting for oldest son, Walter, who lives in Japan , to let us know what plane he will be able to get.


President Big Apple Chapter RC Hodgson


Rakkasan Paul J Cawley #3044L  Died 1040Hrs of Pneumonia, this 8th month -13th day -of 2013 in the Hospital.
Wife Grace was present. 

President Big Apple Chapter RC Hodgson


I received a call from Connie Alwell that her husband Bern Alwell died of a heart attack just prior to being
moved to a new VA nursing facility. He died on August 5, 2013. He was in E Co in the Korean War and was a
25 year military until the last reunion in Myrtle Beach he made them all. ~ Irv Weinsoff - National President


A Rakkasan passed on Nov. 30, 2012. Due to family problems it was not reported to me until now.
                 Lt. Col. Ret. Arnold DeAngelo - #6314R - Reg. Hq. - Big Apple Member
Blessings to all.   
Bob Hodgson  




Rak # Last First Company From To
0303L BACHETY JOSEPH G Co. 7/1/1950 10/1/1951
3345 BOTTGE EDWARD F. L Co. 1948 1952
R2819 BUSCEMI JOHN MED Co. 4/26/50 12/6/51
4299R CARONI HAROLD E Co. 1948 1953
1720R COLLUCCI JOHN E Co 9/1/1948 5/1/1952
0728CFL CORBERT ROBERT D Co 7/1950 9/1952
A0760 CROCE JOSEPH 82nd Abn Div   0-1942 0-1946
3044L CAWLEY PAUL H Co. 1950 1951
6314R DeANGELO ARNOLD LTC 1950 1951
0056L DOMETROVITS ROBERT F. E Co. 1956 1958
A0201 FELDMAN IRVING J.   1946 1948
2428R FINNEGAN GERALD M Co. 10/1950 6/1952
3063L FOGARTY PATRICK I Co. 1950 1952
0571R FRANCO JOSEPH A Co. 1952 1953
0083L GAGE RICHARD L. A Co. 1948 1951
5020L GILI SPIRIDONE C Co 10/1/1952 1/1/1953
4370L GOZICK RICHARD D Co. 6/1957 2/1959
0115RD HEIMRICH EDWARD J. H Co. 1950 1951
R0704CFL HODGSON MILDRED T. Ladies Reserve - -
186L MAJ HOLLAND SAM E Co. RAK 3 1950 1951
4089R JOHNSON WALTER B Btry 674th Abn FA 9/1/1950 6/1/1952
2767R MAJ RET WALTER KLEPEIS A 674th Abn FA  1943 1969
2946CFL KRUMHOLTZ WALTER HQ1BN 3/1951 3/1953
R0564 LEWENTAL LUCY Ladies Reserve - -
0211CFL LtC (R) LICHTER LESTER Sv Co. 1/1/1952 Retired
2798R MAHER DANIEL B F Co 2/1/1950 2/1/1953
r0800 NIEMIERA Priscilla Ladies Reserve - -
6446L NOLAN WILLIAM SPT Co. 1951 1953
4846R PALMETTO JOHN E Co. 1952 1953
2962R PIATO MAURICE J. K Co. 1952 1952
1022 RHATIGAN JOHN P. M Co. 1951 1954
4308R SANDIN JOSEPH C Co 6/1/1949 9/1/1952
5023R SCHMIDT HAROLD E D Co 07/01/50 12/01/51
4055R SWEENEY FREDERICK K Co  02/52 2/53
1527L VAN HOVEN DAVID HQ-HQ 1951 1953
1986CFL VAN LINDT RICHARD L Co. 10/1947 1/10/1951
1054R WARD THOMAS T. B Co. 1951 1952
1275R WILLIAMS FRANCIS B Co. 1951 1953
2617r WING ADNEY HQ 3rd 1951 1953
08836L WORTHINGTON JOHN E. HQ & HQ 2nd BN 1950 1953
2437L ZAMORA ANDREW HQ & HQ 2nd BN 1949 1951

Great Day Rangers!

A serious note this day to recognize the valor and intrepidity of all who fought along the Wonju Line in February of 1951. It was there the Chinese Army was turned in what many refer to as the "Gettysburg of the Korean War".  It was a violent and savage battle of not one –but- two enemies.  The first being the many waves of the Chinese Peoples Volunteer Army and the second was the combined rugged mountainous terrain and extreme cold in excess of -30*f. Soldiers dressed in cotton clothing, leather boots, and light gloves, fought with a determined stubbornness expected of Americans and won.

Attached to recognize their Valentine's Day of 1951 is the Distinguished Service Cross citation of LT William Dolan the Platoon Leader of 1st Platoon,  Easy Company, 2nd Bn-187th ARCT. 1st Platoon seized Hill-255 at Wonju in a fight of epic proportion. Importantly, Lt. Dolan's Platoon Sergeant who was also there that day, is on the TO: line of this message. He'll kick my @ss for mentioning that but it will be worth a whoopin'.

"Lest we forget!"


To All Who See These Presents Greeting:

This is to Certify that The President of the United States of America Takes Pride in Presenting The Distinguished Service Cross to



The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Service Cross to William J. Dolan (0-1688721), First Lieutenant (Infantry), U.S. Army, for extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy of the United Nations while serving Platoon Leader of the 1st Platoon of Company E, 2d Battalion, 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team, 11th Airborne Division. First Lieutenant Dolan distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism in action against enemy aggressor forces near Wonju, Korea, on 14 February 1951. When Communist forces seized hill 255 four miles northwest of Wonju and. Seriously threatened the communications center in that city, Company E was ordered to retake the hill and surrounding high ground in a coordinated attack with other elements of the 2d Battalion. Lieutenant Dolan was ordered to attack with his platoon on the right of Company E. The platoon reached the military crest of the hill, but was forced to fall back in the face of withering machine-gun fire. In this initial attack Lieutenant Dolan was wounded in the thigh by grenade fragments but refused to leave his platoon for medical aid. Three subsequent attempts were made to reach the crest of the hill, but each time the platoon was forced back. With casualties steadily mounting in his platoon, Lieutenant Dolan decided his only chance for success was to storm the enemy position. Reorganizing his platoon, he instructed each man of his plan, and on his signal the platoon made an assault up the hill and into the very midst of the enemy. In the savage hand-to-hand fighting which ensued, Lieutenant Dolan personally killed over thirty of the enemy with his carbine, hand grenades, and rifle butt. Inspired by the actions of the 1st platoon, another element of the attacking force reached the hill crest from the flank and engaged in the fray. After the objective had been secured, a total of 451 enemy dead were counted, the majority of which were credited to Lieutenant Dolan's platoon.

Headquarters, Eighth U.S. Army, Korea: General Orders No. 151 (March 20, 1951)

Home Town: Mackinac, Michigan


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